Manager at major UK food firm that supplies Tesco, Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose tells packed staff meeting that they will be sacked if they stay at home during coronavirus crisis

It's good that this is coming to light now, but anyone who has worked in factories before - particularly as a temp worker - knows this is a constant and has been a problem for ages.

I've been in that situation years ago and it was common. If you didn't show up every day whether you were sick or not (even if only to be turned back home), they'd take note and not call you as often or at all - thus losing your livelihood. Same if you didn't want long hours (ie, I've been stuck working 16 hours before, not knowing I was going to and you couldn't really leave because it was the middle of nowhere). I also know a person who was a team leader and told me she told her team they couldn't take any toilet breaks and they believed it - a lady wet herself - and she was laughing about it. Or the senior team leader and the temp work dude discussing the ''casting'' (as in, picking the most attractive girls).

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