MANN - Eminem feat Christopher Nolan and the Nolanverse

Now they wanna hear MCJ mod rap

Four verses in, they swear a MCJ mod snapped

Thought they wanted Moon, thought they wanted Drive

Thought they wanted Dark Knight, bitch make up your mind

All this circlejerk I don't even know what I might do with it

That Zieg flow is like a mind that everyone done fucked raw

Maybe Nolan hit it

Aww man I'm more concerned why people been textin' my cell, callin' my phone

Ask me about this Dani shit, that he ain't really even beat me on

I ain't drawn to all this propaganda, rap shit as real as Snowpiercer

Now I'm lyrical all of a sudden

Well yesterday they claim Dani's the greatest

I'm buryin' Dani, and pissin' on his grave

Another delete, another delete name on /r/movies

and they still call me lame

People scared of this northern mod, lord forbid I jerk Abel Gance

On the sub, trying calm your soul

Lookin' at the mods I think Literary got me

I put you in the trunk with these Michael Bays

Tarantino in the front seat

I'm so prolific with these comments they might give me a screenplay

Page 1, come here son

Mind your manners, just be cool

I know you lame when you was in school

A little jerkin' you ain't used to

And it was easy for you to move through

Rap rewrites with your own thesaurus

Like one of these days I'm gonna be a director

But all my films gonna snubbed

So i'ma take from all these southern redditors

That mainstream jerks off from

Recycle all they lingo

And make sure I screw my jerks up

Bravo to you Californication

I'm overwhelmed by your dedication

You actually fooled these people into thinking

That your rhymes were innovative


Rap battlin' never got me out of no circlejerking

You telling me I can be king of MCJ

And they wouldn't give it to Quentin Tarantino

Dani please, this jerk ain't go shit to do with us

Nolan could physically come down and say "He's the greatest

My favorite, ya'll should jerk it, he has potential

To outlive the the heatwave I'mma send through damn California

And rebuild for a whole nother MCJ mod"

and that wouldn't be enough

So fuck these jerkers and fuck you too

Damn right I still mean that.

/r/moviescirclejerk Thread