Men and women of reddit who caught their significant others cheating, how did you do that? And what was your reaction?

I caught my ex because I found a bra that wasn't mine in my laundry. He tried to play if off as if it was his buddies roommates and he had washed his clothes for him. BS. I already knew something was going on because he had checked out two weeks after I gave birth to our son. Just disappeared. Was constantly gone and when he happened to be home he was vicious. But I had no idea how deep it all went. About a week or so after I found the bra, I opened our mutual laptop and his messanger was open. There were well over 30 women he had been spending time with. This was just messenger. Some as young as 19. He is 34, I'm 33. He slept with these girls in my house, in our bed, on our couch. One young girl seemed to have fallen in love considering her words in the messages. Too bad I found out he had slept with her best friend and cousin as well. His buddy and him would constantly say disrespectful things about these three girls. About making them beg for the dick and then clean the kitchen. Terrible things about their weight and crazy outright lies about me. The things I found out were absolutely heartbreaking. Including him sleeping with his ex every year he went to pick his daughter up. Him taking our 4 month old son to a mistresses house while I was at a friend's. So many things. 7 years down the drain. I've known this man since kindergarten. People are wild. He definitely made the beginning of motherhood a hell of an adjustment.

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