A messaging app for dogecoin (btc and ltc)

There have been a few sms services for Dogecoin, you can even search the subreddit alone and find three different ones. There is also a new one coming out soon. These have not been able to stay around long in the past because, they are not cheap to run. There are a lot of backend costs that the developers and people running them tend to just eat for a while until it has become too much. Actually, this has been the cause of the death of the majority of the faucets, of the apps, of the services and platforms. Expense out of pocket after a while is not just fun and games, this stuff actually costs money to run.

Your post goes on about capitalism and the capitalistic society, about how you deserve something. I will not get much love for this, but you are not owed anything. It sounds a bit harsh but is in all reality very true. No one owes you anything for something you decide to do of your own free will and time. To create something then stand screaming and yelling that you are somehow deserved payment when you personally failed to account and understand that things in this world do cost money, is your own fault. It is the very harsh reality of doing development work for free. This is a reality that you should know by now given you state that you have done many big apps before. If someone is not paying you to make it, you are going to have trouble getting money after the fact for it unless it becomes hugely popular and you manage to pick up partnerships or sponsorships with existing services to fun further work.

Under your ideal that there is no such thing as a free lunch, based to a community that is built on top of an open source decentralized project. Something which has been maintained and built on at the expense of less than 5 people, yet over a quarter of a million people use. A project that has been built, maintained and has grown from people putting their freetime and hours behind it.

I am not posting this to discourage you, far from it. Your thought that you deserve something for something you want to do, is more than slightly skewed. If you personally want to do something, do it. Eat the cost. If you want to do it without eating the cost, find people whom will upfront pay. (These people are very rare and you will come to notice that amongst most, 10-20k Dogecoin is what they think is the proper payment for a project) This is my input, based on over a years worth of work with the developers that have been doing work for Dogecoin. Everything from apps, to sites, the core and beyond.

If all you want is money, I would suggest sticking to the freelance and on spot jobs.

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