No need for speed: Cable industry opposes 25Mbps broadband definition. Normal people don't need 25Mbps down or 3Mbps up, cable lobby says.

Me: My Issue: Upload speeds are not noted on your product page.

Yuri: Hello Me:, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Yuri. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Me: Can I please have a breakdown of all of your speed packages. I want to know both the Download AND the Upload values.

Yuri: AS I understood you are having an inquiry about the internet package.

Yuri: one momentplease

Me: If Xfinity would include this on their website I wouldn't have to bother their representatives for the info.

Yuri: I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. No worries, let me take over this whole issues and make things right for you now.

Yuri: May I verify if you are new or existing customer for xfinity?

Me: I am potentially a new customer

Yuri: Thank you so much.

Me: It's not by choice.

Yuri: Here are the speed tiers of internet pacakge.

Yuri: Economy Plus (Retention only in some markets) 3 Mbps/768 Kbps

Yuri: Performance 50 Mbps/5 Mbps

Yuri: Blast! 50 Mbps/10 Mbps (some west and North east may doubled speed)

Yuri: Extreme 105 105 Mbps/20 Mbps

Me: okay, thank you for that info. Does Xfinity have any plans to offer Gigabit service?

Yuri: Are you referring to the data cap usage(GB)?

Me: no, 1000Mbps Download and 1000Mbps Upload speeds

Me: (with no cap of course)

Me: many cities are now offering this. I am trying to figure out where I want to live, and if only comcast is available in those areas I am going to have a hard time moving there.

Yuri: Oh as far as I know <Me>, the highest xfinity offers speed tier would be the extreme 105 and 505 mbps (business)

Me: Is the 505 one reasonably priced? like $60/month?

Yuri: Extreme 505 are mainly for business account only. And if you would like to inquire about that, they have specific number to call with, <Me>. I hope you understand that we are only for residential accounts.

Me: but that is slow, even for residential

Me: Google is offering 1000Mbps in several cities, right to your home

Me: is Xfinity planning to compete with that?

Me: I need to know because I am planning on buying a house.

Yuri: Oh <Me>, I think 500 mbps is much much faster than any other speeds. Most of the customer from comcast used 50 -105 mbps but they are highly satisfied with the speed.

Me: but I'm not sure which city I will move to yet.

Me: if only comcast is available and you have no plans to upgrade your infrastructure I cannot move there

Me: Comcast will severely lower my home value

Yuri: If you want for further information, I may transfer this chat to sales department.

Me: okay thank you

Yuri: Please stay connected as I transfer this chat.

analyst Nongthongbam has entered room

Nongthongbam: You have reached Sales Department and I will be assisting you with your concern for today. Please give me 2-3 minutes to review your conversation with the previous representative. This will give me a better understanding of the issue at hand so that we can resolve it in the most efficient way possible. Will that be okay?

Me: basically I want to know if Comcast has any plans to upgrade their infrastructure to compete with Google Fiber, Fios, and other municipal gigabit/fiber services.

Me: I am looking to buy a home but I haven't decided on the city. I cannot move to a comcast city if the service is going to be shit forever.

Me: and by that I mean your upload speeds top out at 20Mbps

Nongthongbam: <Me>, thank you for your patience.

Nongthongbam: May I know how much internet speed you need for your new home?

Me: minimum 100/100 Mbps

Me: preferred 1000 / 1000 Mbps (which is available in several cities to the home already)

Nongthongbam: Do you have an existing account with us?

Me: no, but I have been one in the past many times

Me: I have a spreadsheet with several cities.

Me: Comcast is the provider in all of those places.

Me: but if in 10 years from now you're still offering 20Mbps upload speeds then I can't buy a house there.

Nongthongbam: Okay, <Me>, do you want the services for business purposes?

Me: So my bottom line question is are you planning to improve your infrastructure to compete with Gigabit to the home, or will it be like this until the money stops coming in?

Me: no, personal purposes

Me: (but probably business services by your definition. I will be running multiple listening servers)

Nongthongbam: We have the highest speed Extreme 150 mbps and 105 Mbps and it also depends on the area where you want to take the service.

Me: I understand that's what it is now, but I'm buying a house to live in for 30 years.

Me: Are there PLANS to ever provide gigabit

Nongthongbam: I am sorry the information is not yet updated in our database, as of now we have the highest internet speed upto 150 mbps.

Me: well it's not going to be in the database

Me: Yuri said you would have the inside track on this info

Me: gossip from the management and executive staffs

Me: okay, I will take this into consideration, thank you for the assistance

Nongthongbam: You are most welcome.

Nongthongbam: I hope I was able to clarify everything for you. Before we end today, is there anything else that I can assist you with?

Me: no, that's all. thanks, bye.

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