[meta] the but trump and epstein VS the but Clinton and epstein is annoying. They both were close to a sex trafficker. 2 presidents are wrapped up in this and don't deserve our simpathy because we don't want our party to seem immoral.

Not true at all my dude. Epsteins wiki was edited to remove any mention of Clinton pretty quickly. That had to have been done by a lefty looking to cover some ass so not all lefties want them both to go down.

On the other hand, I'm personally more right leaning and I would love to be the guy that throws the switch on every sack of shit involved in this no matter who they are so not all righties want trump to get off free if hes involved.

You're just further pushing the divide. This is bigger than red vs blue, donkey vs elephant. This is global civilians vs the lowest level of scum. It's about time we quit fighting each other and started fighting them together.

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