Metalman - Skeleton Death Squads (Official Music Video) (Explicit)



Metalman's dad, back at it again
Got a life sentence when I shot a hu-man
You deserve death if you're Lord Phoenix's bitch
That old bastard needs to die in a ditch
Name the Holy Nation
Blame the Holy Nation
And when you're online...
At midnight we get our revenge


Feel the burn, you fleshy scum
When you see us, you better run
To make an omelet you need to break some eggs
Put those ugly hivers in body bags
Open the gates to the Shek Kingdom
You consider Sheks fucking your daughters no problem?
Feel your fury! Feel your hate!
Update your CPU state

Use ancient tech to pierce the Shek
You can also get armour from an ancient mech (thanks metalman c:)
While I don't think my Dad is unwise
Conventional methods work best on these flies
You wouldn't kill a man with a magic spell
Bolts work best for sending humans to hell
Buy cheap weapons from UC suppliers
Sheks are always bound to start fires

When we roll in the hood with the death machines
"This land is clean!" "This land is clean!"
After midnight be ready for a fight

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