Midlands A&E to close overnight as they can 'no long rely on the goodwill of staff'

As I understand it, recruitment is as big an issue as money for this place; ie it's a comparatively remote area, the trust covers a similar population as a city trust but spread over a massive geographical area so has to run two a and es instead of just one like you might get in a more urban area.

The Trust struggles to recruit enough staff because it's not a centre ofvexcrllence in a big urban area so younger medical staff ain't that interested in going there meaning, paradoxically, they often have to pay even more for agency staff.

They've been trying for ages to get the two local commissioning groups to agree that they need to build a new, single site a and e up the road in Shrewsbury (plot twist; turns out nobody thought to build a hospital in the whole of mid Wales so people will literally die if it winds up on Telford) but Telford won't agree to it.

This is basically just them ramping up.the pressure as far as I can tell.

Increased pay definitely would help to be honest, buy that would rely on the supposedly free market government allowing the trust to break the pay scale it imposes on all medical staff and also ramp up funding. Ie not likely.

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