Mike Huemer: Abortion Is Difficult

I think this is a decent summary of common opinions but I think the author doesn't get the politics of the debate.

The author says its "bizarre" that most people aren't absolutists in either direction but are quick to view other opinions as evil. I don't think the 'evil' judgement is based solely on abortion but a collection of things.

I'd like to refer to people as 'jerks' rather than 'evil'. I think using the word evil would derail the conversation to the definition of evil rather we can quickly accept that many people are self-righteous, quick to judge etc...

I think for some people, we see their view on abortion as just one more of their jerk opinions and that their jerk nature helped form their view on abortion.

Devil's advocate for one of these:

Are progressives the jerks? Then not taking the sanctity of life seriously is just another part of their hedonistic life style with no respect for the traditions and sacrifices that makes society work. They sleep around, get pregnant and rather than growing up and taking some responsibility in their life they kill a baby.

Are conservatives the jerks? Then equating the rights of a clump of cells with those of the mother is just another part of their scientifically illiterate, not seeing women as independent people world view. They're looking for some moral issue that asks nothing of them but to judge others so they can justify all the other jerk things they do.

People can be rightly angry about abortions either way but I think the level of anger is because we don't see it as just the one topic.

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