Montreal professor known as ‘The Gadfather’ argues against political correctness

“I don’t see any evidence whatsoever that, for example, loud, white, middle-aged, heterosexual, cisgender, able-bodied men are under threat from political correctness on campus,” Peet said.

“It’s just about these guys realizing that society is moving beyond their points of view ... and they are railing against the fact they are fading into irrelevance.”

It is dangerous to believe that one has all the answers. A belief in moral superiority creates bullying. Those bullied will censor themselves most of the time.

You believe that the problem is those white men. What if progressive belief is wrong? Marxism, progressive thought and/or calls for a cultural revolution do not have a perfect history. What if these "loud, white" men (if these are the only ones who believe these things!) are right and are being ignored because of their identity?

I see people who use labels to dismiss opinions and downplay objections. Your quote is a good example. "It's just about these guys", these "loud, white", obsolete people. I do not believe progressives when they say they are good. Without a firm belief in tolerance and a willingness to reject even the appearance of intolerance it is morality without principles. Hayek's arguments against arbitrary justice come to mind.

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