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of forced conversions skip all the other countries ruled by the Safavid empire?

It didn't rofl. From Iraq, Kurdistan, parts of Afghanistan, this thing went on. It wasn't just within the modern day borders of Iran.

Also, you are belligerent in this opinion.

Says the person who called me troll, a Wahhabi, and an idiot.

I'm pretty sure you are lying about your "high school studies" - unless you went to a high school that focused on ancient Iranian religions.

The Safawid empire isn't "ancient" history but yes it did cover the history of ancient Persia as well. It covered a lot of things like the movement to modernize Islam but unfortunately the pdf isn't free. It was a great class that I'm sure isn't offered all over America.

To quote the book "you were familiar with"

First let's actually quote me correctly. I was talking about Dr. Gronke's book but sure let's go into Converting Persia by Abisaaab:

"The Safavids took severe measures against a number of Sunnite scholars when they felt it was politically expedient, as happened to Qadi Mir Husayn Yazdi in 909 AH/1 503-4CE, to the orators (khatibs) of Kazirun in the same year and to Khurasan's shaykh al-Islam, Farid al-Din Ahmad b. Yahya b. Muhammad b. Sa'd al-Din al-Taftazani in 916AH/1510-11CE."

Page 16

Here's 11 more books for your enjoyment:

In summation, you cannot succeed in this wierdo agenda of yours, to promote the false propaganda that Shiaism as it exists today is only because of forced conversions.

That's actually just projection which shows that you think you and your faith is being attacked even though it's not. As I stated in my last post I believe that Iran would be Shia today regardless of the Safawids. I honestly don't care if the Safawids did this or not, it doesn't affect my faith or world view. The only "agenda" I have is historical fact. If they never did, all the better. Please prove to me that it never happened.

You have failed in your endeavor here and no one believes you.

If only you knew the PMs I've been getting from Shias here. Maybe they're right I should just give up.

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