Multiple people injured after stabbings at Arndale shopping centre in Manchester

I disagree.

From a brief look at the video, it looks like armed police detained him. They therefore had the ability to use a firearm but were able to safely detain him with a Taser.

That is how Taser is designed to be used - alongside lethal cover.

It also shows that police won't resort to lethal force simply because they are armed with firearms.

A Taser is a less lethal weapon and it is not designed or suitable for lethal threats. Had the Taser failed - which they often do - an unarmed officer would have to try to incapacitate the suspect by getting close enough to either spray them with PAVA, or hit them with a stick, which puts officers at unecesarry risk.

That's why I'm in favour of a Taser and sidearm roll-out for all officers.

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