Battery is a serious crime

Ok 1)there has always been a direct correlation between stressful/insecure occupations and abuse. Reducing the militarisation of the police, restoring their budgets and increasing those in need of an increase will help, as will improving the infrastructure of the justice system Another obvious means would be to decriminalise at least some drugs and end the war on drugs. It’s a distraction which has resulted in overworking and is bad not just for convicts and offenders but also for cops.

2) the reason for the thin blue line is about threat. It’s the same camaraderie that exists in armed forces and is strongly correlated with the presence of weapons in the communities being policed. “If I want to survive I need to be able to trust the guy next to me, for that to happen he needs to be able to trust me”. The combined militarisation of police forces as well as the high proportion of gun use in communities as well as a tradition of vets going into the police has led to a “brothers in arms” mentality developing.
Again the solution is to reduce the threat to officers. Reinforce the distinction between the police and the military.

3) :( I may be a delusional idiot but I’m not fat thank you

4) I realise that may have sounded like whataboutism but I was using it as a foil and a contrast to highlight the somewhat hypocritical nature of reddit and other online bastions of this type of thought. My point was just that while they cover the same subject, and even though lesbians outnumber cops in the US, the latter is tragically not talked about resulting in a great deal of suffering in the community which goes unanswered. On the other hand an outdated research study is being used to comment in irrelevant memes and yet is heavily upvoted consistently, with it’s meaning manipulated for political reasons. Additionally if one were to comment the case of lesbian abuse on a comic like this with a lesbian in a support role instead f a cop, they would be heavily downvoted (and rightly so) as it’s essentially libellous.

5) I’m sorry you feel unsafe by them but it’s undeserved. The media profit from fear and so they act as fear-mongers. If you don’t trust their reporting on swine flu epidemics or Ebola (a few years back now actually) or how they treat certain presidential candidates, then why believe them on their reporting of the police?

The breakdown in relationship between communities and the police is good for 3 kinds of people radical politicians, media-men and criminals, all of whom take advantage of it for their own purposes.

6) I’ll have you know I only have two daddies, Jesus, and those hairy ones that hang around the odd public bathroom

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