My boyfriend passed away and now my guy friends are being weird

Hopping on to this, op please never be with this disgusting dude again.

I had a much much less sad situation I was dealing with. I had broken up with a woman I loved dearly, she loved me a lot still, we had to try long distance due to her father being ill.. and it simply didn’t work, we were too far away and too young and too poor to make it work.

A “friend” who said she would support me through this time ended up sexually assaulting (raping ?) me. She was nice and listened a few times, and one of the times when I was drunk and crying she made a move I guess. I was blacked out, all I remember was crying then waking up mid hook up, then crying etc.

It’s super fucked up. Stay the fuck away from piece of shit people who have made moves when you’re so vulnerable. I did not know to recognize the signs and it did not go well for me.

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