My [f]irst time visiting a nude beach!

Glad you are into Nudism. Reddit's own /r/nudism welcomes contributions as well. Playalinda is great.

Being nude at the beach with other nude people is extremely liberating! Visiting a nude beach is a great equalizer; no one has a perfect body. Being nude does not equal sex. Yes, it can be a bit of a turn on/kink for some of us who are exhibitionist but in general, the same rules at a clothed beach also apply at a nude beach. Just b/c someone doesn't have clothes on doesn't mean they are asking for you to come up and feel them up, right?

Warning: all of the links below are NSFW. I'm not lecturing OP here at all but since this post was put on gonewild, I'm attempt to de-sexualize and give context from a traditional nudist's perspective.

While it is possible that some of the patrons at a nude beach could look like this, it is more likely that they are just like you and me or a family at the beach for the day or a mom with her child or friends of all different shapes and sizes who are there to lounge around in the sun. After all, there are good looking people at nude beaches and there are average folks as well but in the end they can all agree on one thing: life is better naked.

For those asking: Where can I be naked in public in <fill in the blank>?

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