Father, why have you forsaken me?

In the devil's blindspot - transcendent and triumphant.

WARNING: Potential for unexpected humor of understanding.

Here's my theory. (or what the spirit has taught me)

God the first Father, in the final hoodwink, or what i call a double bind on the strong man, went hands-off but not off-line or unavailable, while Jesus was at his most vulnerable in that cry of his echoing Pslam 22 (but in real aguish and despair), and then the one, the jealous elder brother who once refused to bow before God's latest and greatest creation where it might be said that the last are first and the first, last, and who rebelled at such a notion in the first place, is hoodwinked and ultimately rendered "double-bound" in being given the free choice and the opportunity, to either bow before the cross as the great work of all ages, or try a theft of all power and leave the kid to die.. and the devil chose the latter, as expected, even from the beginning of time, so God punk'd us all as human beings, while at the same time raising up the human being, His creation, to punk the devil and right under his own nose based on an intimate awareness of a fundmantal character defect which instead of reverently bowing to the God(man) on the cross, as the blemish free embodiment of all sin and evil or a type of son of the devil, for a moment, immediately abandoned his own perceived son, or brother, (or at enmity because it's a human being) at his most vulnerable moment, before the entire observing universe and Heaven above ie: caught red handed in an attempted theft of sorts.

Very painful stuff, and for the True Father to allow himself to appear to the Son to have departed, for the work to be completed infinitely more painful and more costly, to give all like that for the sake of Love at both ends of the Jesus-God connection/spectrum ie: stretching far and wide.

Then the cry out "father, father, why have you foresaken me?!!!" would be equally painful for both parties, but the Father, the true Father never really abandoned him and would never do that, such is the Love of the Father for the Son. "You loved me from before the foundation of the world." [sorry for the long run-on sentence structure, but it worked, i think.]

This would answer Jesus' authentic question, as to the reason why, but where he only percieved himself as forsaken at that moment, and while taking all sin and evil and sorrow and suffering upon himself, authentically, as a human being, God was with him every step of the way, along with an observer and maybe even one who thought he was God, but who was not because of the hidden agenda and motive to steal, lie, kill and destroy.

So it's a matter of TRUSTworthiness.

We can trust in God through Jesus, but the evil one can never be trusted, and revealed and demonstrated as such probably time and time again but that one really takes the cake.

What a painful realization, depending on your POV. What for us is a true joy in what God has communicated clearly, and cause for a triumphant celebration is nothing but a 'groaner' for the one who loses their sense of humor and allows their heart to be hardened to God's love and tender mercy, but there's not a damn thing this side of heaven that can be done about it, you see.

It both binds and liberates and then binds and liberates, the double bind of the cross of Jesus Christ.

It's total genius and there's not a person on earth who would ever have come up with it on their own and properly acted it all out, except the one who truly was sent by God.

We don't need to convert anyone, and then make them feel bad for not being good enough, that's not what our commission is about.

It's all been done and we're only now just beginning to catch up to it's true meaning and signicance, as a universal principal and manifestation of the Godhead in the person of Jesus.

Our joy is restored where authentic Justice is served.

Back to Jesus on that terroble cross..

The true Father then kicked right back in once this was accomplished, and the power and authority from earth to the heavens at all levels, rightly placed, through the work of the son of God/son of man.

This is why i think of it as a very VERY Practical Joke of sorts, the best ever told in the history of time and space, from right here on earth of all places, perpetrated by none other than God, both at the expense of human evil, and non-human evil, both, to set the standard, the universal standard which as much as it is a standard of Justice, is one of the height of Mercy and Forgiveness but which, sadly, or joyfully, releases man in liberation, and bind's the evil one in his own binds relative to this Great Work, this cosmological Magnum Opus. So in the final analysis we, the human being are not really the brunt of it. That is not to say that i'm demonizing aliens or anything of the sort, just pointing to the hiearchy of all beings, at all levels which might include a little corruption and bad thinking who knows there could easily be a jealous "elder brother" in the mix whether corporeal or angelic.

Well done God! That's truly awesome, a height of Virtue rendered as power, restrained, capable of simultaneously robbing the devil blind.

Jesus/Father (without two there's no love) you ROCK! (and you are like a well founded rock of all ages)

Protected from the possibility of predation by wicked and evil powers and principalities, and instead of "eat or be eaten" it's "here, eat of me".


It's not just a matter of faith but one of reason. Then you cannot help but to fall in love with Him and then eventually with one another, when God comes to live with us and call us his children and we to He, our God. Spirit and the Bride with living water freely available to all who thirst (no matter their religious beliefs or proclamations) and all that good stuff.

Are we up for it, or not? ;)

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