My husband has been on an alcoholic bender, let the air out of the tires on my car, and said when I left in his vehicle with our daughter that he would report me to the cops for kidnapping and a stolen car (WA)

You have no idea how helpful this comment has been. “Get a lawyer and divorce him” is what I expected, but that would be the least helpful advice in the world.

Where do I live while we go through divorce proceedings? How long will it take to sell the house, and will selling the house delay the finalization of the divorce? I can’t just pay for a second living place while paying for daycare and a mortgage, while also presumably paying lawyer fees, I would go bankrupt. I need to drop my daughter off at daycare to do my job, what happens if he picks her up and disappears? What do I do if he just continuously goes out of his way to disrupt my ability to work from home like setting off the home alarm, unplugging the WiFi router, or tripping circuit breakers to deliver the router so I can’t hold meetings?

His family lives in the next state over and have always been good to me. A part of me want to tell them they need to get their son in treatment ASAP but I worry they’ll call him without coming up here physically and that will just unleash hell on me.

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