My parents think i have a gaming addiction

Bro,stop being such a whiner, m'kay? We get it. I'm your age, and I stay on my computer because I'm not good with other people, I have almost no friends, I live 10 minutes from the nearest town and I'm autistic. Am I addicted to my laptop? NO! I get off and do other things.

My brother and I both spend a lot of time on our computers. My brother spends his time yelling and screaming at the other players in Minecraft or CS:GO loudly, complaining when asked to help my parents, is very violent, is failing most classes, his room is messy and he leeches money from my grandmother. My parents complain about him being on the computer a lot.

Me? I help out when asked, and even take the initiative occasionally. I do laundry, vacuum, take out trash, set the table, clean my room, watch over my cousins, entertain my little brother, pick up my baby cousin's toys, rake the yard of grass clippings in the summer, and help with cleaning around the house and outside when the weather is nice. And I do other things for pleasure. I love swimming, walking, riding my bike, reading, drawing, playing my 3DS, writing, and the computer.

What do I do on the computer, you say? I browse Reddit, check Twitter for updates from youtubers, check youtube for something interesting, and then boot up Minecraft, Five Nights At Freddy's, or Team Fortress 2. I do decent in school, but when my parents warn me about grades, I bucked up, payed attention, and got better grades. I don't complain to my parents that much, even though they constantly yell at me for doing something wrong, stupid, or not understanding them the right way because I'm autistic and I can't always understand their meanings.

Tl;Dr: If I, an autistic kid, can spend a lot of time on my computer with good grades, and don't complain and help out, then if you want your computer time, get off your ass sometimes and help out your parents, with no complaints.

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