4 frame strike. Saw this elsewhere, had to download it and slow down the good part!

Has nothing to do with making a female horny but everything to do with instantly transferring and directing inner energy. Have studied this since the year 2000 when I had an out of body or “near death” experience and was shown that we are actually an energy living in the head of this avatar and can control this energy within.

Later I learned about simple experiments that can be done in your home with another person or 2 , put your arm straight out and Think negative thoughts about the person infront of you while having that person push down on your arm trying to push it down to your side , and try it again while thinking all positive thoughts about the same person Happy times and what you love about the person and see how much harder it is for them to push your arm down than it was when you were thinking negative thoughts.

This applies to life in general, you can tell usually just by looking at someone if they have been carrying a burden or hate for quite awhile as it deteriorates the body and actually starts happening the instant you start thinking the hateful/negative thoughts as seen in the experiment described

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