Are we mindful and what can we do better?

True, consumerism is never okay. But sadly it can be seen everywhere. I broke my no buy after almost 10 months just to get some BBW candles and regretted even that (it was a disaster)

With skincare and makeup as well, I have realised that I am no influencer/YouTuber that people will pay me for the review or to listen to my experiences. I don’t have to try new products constantly if I find the ones that don’t break me out and work just fine. No you don’t need 5 cleansers, 10 toners and 15 serums and multiple sunscreens and what not. I used to keep extra stock earlier as well, but now I don’t buy things unless I am almost about to finish up my product.

Even with clothes, up until last year, I was impulsively buying after watching hauls and what not. This year I decided to be extremely mindful and I’ve succeeded in that.

The thing that helped me the most was unsubscribing from subs/groups that post deals, even this sub from time to time. I uninstalled apps apart from Amazon/Grocery ones. Even with this I made a strict budget/method that if I have to spruce up/change anything then I will only buy one item per month. This has really helped me so far.

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