we need to accept being trans means yes, there is something wrong with us

This is literally oppression. It's not self stigmatizing to view trans as something wrong with. If anything I would argue it's healthy and normal. Why wouldn't you view something that hurts you as something wrong with you? And don't say "society hurts you not trans itself" because that is just flat out not true. We wouldn't have any reason to transition or suicide if it didn't hurt us. Trans is not normal, never has been. If it was then again as I said we wouldn't have a reason to transition beyond personal preference

I am also offended you would call it nonconformity. It's not a costume party. Trans doesn't make you interesting it makes you in pain

Gay is a flash analogy to trans because it doesn't harm you and they don't beg for medical care or threaten suicide if they don't get it. Trans people do

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