I needed this. (OC)

THANK YOU !! To all who are my friends and those who aren’t . I read how you all help each other and it makes me feel good to see so much kindness in simple and complex ways for people who we never will see . I am retiring finally this Dec. . I lost my husband Aug a year ago. It still hurts but he was a good man and I never made his life harder than it needed to be. I play webkinz to help my hands to not hurt from lifting 500 to 76 lbs a patient 4 times a night for 20 years. YES you get so used to us in the night you sleep through getting changed. I also sing on holidays and your birthday. But my reason to write is to say THANK YOU ALL for all your incredable kindness, October was my mothers birthday and she was an incredable lady. So many of you touched my like each in a different but careing way . I just befor HALLOWEEN WANTED TO REMIND YOU ALL HOW TOTALLY AWESOME YOU ALL ARE. !! If you've read this part, I just want you to know this is a copypasta and is not my work. Some days reaching out and just saying HI means a lot. We all sit at a screen in different chairs . Some of us very alone others with a real and full life. Just remember people out there DO CARE !! THANKS <3 Send nothing just hug somebody for real today. If there is no body hug a cat or puppy just feel the <3 you give others.

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