The most incredible thing about ChatGPT is it's ability to change stories based on perspective. It can make quality literature too.

I've been using it mostly to see what it can achieve as far as creative writing and I definitely feel it is a better editor than anything, it does have impressive ability of perspective, once it proofreads and fleshes out ur story u can ask it to rewrite it from the perspective of David Attenborough or create a poem about what you just wrote in a complicated but fun rhyme scheme. It is a pretty good persuasive writer too but is prone to misinformation. I'm hoping the pro version offers more as to, detailed fight scene descriptions, structurally sound plot points that fit together well enough for a coherent overarching plotline. Maybe some screenplay oriented features. I think it is good, but I wouldn't be surprised if this part of it's features are currently heavily throttled

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