New SB looking for advice.

As you know, at 5', 210ish, you are clinically obese. You are going to draw the interest of only a few potential SDs, and those that you draw will likely fetishize your weight. As bad as it is, you are making things even worse by your choice of pictures- the mirror selfie with the black lipstick, the head shot with the snapchat filter, and whatever the fuck the last picture is with some sort of black and white period gown, or, alternately, the worse bridesmaid dress in history. You say you don't have a lot of experience dating,a nd less so in intimate matters, and it shows in your pics- not sexy, and out of touch with your potential dating pool.

I'm sorry if I'm a little harsh today, but this isn't the Special Olympics where everybody gets a trophy and a hug. You're not competitive in this dating pool, even among less objectively attractive overweight women who just have it together a bit more. Don't do this. You're going to get ripped off or worse.

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