The new #TPMods IRC is no more professional than using #tagpro. Wasn't this the point of moving administrative duties away from #tagpro?

I don't see what I did wrong here. Here's the full context of how I handled it.

[13:03] <RonSpawnson_> !mods we have a false reporter that reported both d0pe and I. Seems to be a revenge report for after I reported him for calling us "dumb as fuck" for not wanting to do 4D strats [13:03] -rollbot- RonSpawnson_: The mods have recieved your request. Please type /join #TPmods and be patient.

So I typed /join #TPmods and then asked there if I need to post it there too.

[13:02] <RonSpawnson_> Is this where I report things?
[13:04] <RonSpawnson_> Do I type it here too?
[13:04] <RonSpawnson_> Or just tagpro?
[13:04] <RonSpawnson_> Or just here?
[13:04] <RonSpawnson_> What's the protocol?

And received this joke as a response:

[13:04] <+Virtulis> just tell me what the problem is
[13:04] <+Virtulis> then I ignore you

Then silence for a couple minutes so I inquired further:

[13:05] <RonSpawnson_> Can I get a serious answer please? Isn't this supposed to be the official place to report things without it being muddied up with jokes and stuff? I thought the goal was to keep it clean here
[13:06] <RonSpawnson_> We have a false reporter that reported both of us and it is clear by chat and by circumstance that we did not say anything offensive or spammy, and it seems like a revenge report
[13:07] <RonSpawnson_> I'd like to get this handled, if this isn't the place I can go to receive a serious answer please let me know where else I should go to get this handled appropriately

And then I get another troll response:

[13:09] <+Virtulis> RonSpawnson_, this isn't a place to discuss what this place is for

I don't see what I did wrong it this interaction, I provided the information via the !mods call and was told to go to #TPMods, so I went there and then get trolled.

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