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I know what you mean:

It is invaluable to learn that being a "niceguy" is the worst thing you can do. Coming across as very weak and submissive does dampen a lot of womens attraction.

I don't agree with "dread gaming" women, but the whole concept of "radio silence" is invaluable. The thing is when you hear "just be yourself" it is useless. When you have a palce telling you actual results that work it' draws you in.

The things that work are fairly common sense and could easily found somewhere else. The problem is, all that insanely hateful and crazy and damaging misogynistic stuff is tagged on with it, I always ignored it and hated it and stayed for the good advice.

When they explain that if a girl is ignoring you that you want to date or giving you bad behaviour, the better action instead of going "respond pls" and ending up on /r/ceepypms, is to just leave her alone totally. And not respond for a few days as it makes her re interested it is good advice. People complain and say guys should "just be confident" what we need is subs telling us how to appear confident to women, because that is what matters to attract them, they need to actualyl see you as confident.

There needs to be a place to replace theredpill that isn't so hateful and damaging. Dread game in the way they often apply it can be just insanely ridiculous emtional abuse. But doing something like that in the mildest form as a last resort is not out of the question as in, if your fiance is losing interest, show her you are still a man and remind her you are still virile by doing something that impresses people around you including women to show that you are something to be wanted.

There is other concepts as well, but theredpill has people like me fascianted at how fucked up they are but also hooked because of the entertainment from discovering how insane some people are. But I'm also hooked because however rare it happens and regardless of how fucked the rest of the site is.. There are times when they say something that solves an issue I have with interacting with women.

Let me again state they are not a good sub before I'm crucified. I had people suspecting me of being a piller simply becaue I didn't denounce TRP and insult them as much as possible, people thought I support the message just because I didn't explicitly remind them I think it's inhumane and evil.

A broken clock is right twice a day, I know I /r/seduction is where I should go to find this stuff out but I hadn't found /r/seduction at that time and /r/seduction has too many "niceguy" elements there.

A lot of us simply need to learn more of the basic things about women, some concepts like "orbiting" that some people have guys just purely for attention and validation are true. The thing is, I have been an orbiter, and I was orbiting guys that are cooler than me but treating me like dirt and only hitting me up when they could use me for something.

I think the one failure with TRP is they take all the faults and capacities for horrible actions of human nature for both men and women but blame them all on women. Hence AWALT and all this bitter shit. Some of what they say makes sense or even works, they've just twisted it beyond recognition in their bitterness and hate.

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