Nightly random discussion - Mar 06, 2017

  • movie

Reservoir Dogs: because it shows, at least to me, the differences in the mind or the way people think. Also, I relate to Mister Pink because I don't tip. Lels

  • TV show

Friends: I watched this as a kid, or maybe as a teen, and I find it so funny and will always be a classic to me. No matter how many times I watch this, I still laugh at their jokes. :D

  • novel

I'm not a wide-reader yet (if anyone suggests anything, it'll be very much appreciated) but I like to read. So far, I guess my favorite is Harry Potter because this is the only series that made me want to read every book immediately (I read this in 2013 so all the books were out). Someday, I'd like to expand my library by reading something a bit more philosophical.

  • manga

The Liar Game: I pretend to be smart sometimes.

  • comic book

Watchmen: because I'm not trapped in here with you, you're trapped in here with ME!

  • podcast

Trying to listen to The History of Rome because I found that I like History, albeit I failed miserably in it during elementary and high school days.

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