No stash space Wyatt, Travis? Why is that?

All of you that thing disk space and database access speeds is the real issue, should ask themselves a question how in the hell they managed to pull the AH interface without much trouble and the problems associated with millions of players hitting the Search button once every few seconds if not few times every second and still keep the servers going without much trouble.

If they managed to pull that off, I wonder how is it that they can't figure out a solution for long term stash space storage.

To all of those saying we're hoarding too much I have to say that you're trolls or simply don't play the game at all and only played 1 class with no more than 5 hours in the last 1 year.

There was someone said that he had 12 Rucksacks, which is obviously too much and some/most would have been salvaged and that comes from a HC player. Sometimes different builds and different playstyles require different versions of the same item, i.e. Rucksack with Hatred regen and another with Multishot damage and another with Cluster Arrow, you get the point. If you have to salvage one to make room for something else and wait for weeks to get another one, it's simply a STUPID design philosophy. Game is designed about power being delivered through items, you shouldn't be forced to salvage stuff so you can store more stuff.

If people were storing 12 of each item and then complaining about stash, then that's hoarding, but when there is no room to put items for more than 1-2 classes and 6 are available to play then the issue is serious and shouldn't be ignored.

The devs simply fail to acknowledge the problem, but they keep adding more and more items/legendary gems and re-work old items that you want to keep once 2.2.0 hits.

I'd like to see screenshots of these "No sayers" and their time spent playing the game, as it will show the level of trolling they have reached.

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