Norvina Cosmetics (Sister brand of ABH) does a photoshoot with Nikita Dragun

lol you sound so incredibly upset. probably because something foreign is coming into your white space. if you think when people say BTS they think of norvinas stank ass brands behind the scenes that explains exactly why BTS's domination is hurting these racists. i'm Korean so don't even try to fucking speak for me when it comes to what BTS is or is not known as in Korea. You raggedy racist.

Brands know BTS because kpop is literally the only thing that drives clicks these days. No one is going to click on Norvina's #behindthescenes hashtag because that hashtag doesn't make sense. At all. As anyone under 30 would tell you.

Probably don't work in this sort of field. Teaching seems more your vibe. Probably have all the students hate you though lol

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