Is Norway a political correctness center like sweden?

Norwegians are very nice as a people, and like Swedes we are also very polite. They like us like to have a good time, and for people to be as happy as we are. But we're hopelessly naive and idealistic about the way we see ourselves and more importantly the world. There is this great need for many here to appear and act in a humanistic way. Which is good, but then again we are so obsessed with appearing tolerant that anyone who disagrees with these narratives are considered bad people. Norwegians, like Swedes, want everyone to be more like us, Today's modern Norwegians seek approval from others people and cultures, which will eventually lead to ours and Swedens cultural suicide.

It is important to be honest with ourselves if we truly want things to be different or better. But we are afraid, afraid that if we look ourselves in the mirror we will see things we don't like. We might discover that we actually are a bit more prejudice than we believe and that scares us. We might discover that a lot of the people who proclaim the best intentions for the world are the most incapable of helping the world. We would find out that some of the biggest complainers are actually the ones who are best fitted to make things better for everyones life. Regardless of this,

I am afraid we are guided by a crazy politcal correct mentality here that is preventing us from seeing reality as it is. Everyone are the same, either no one is unique or everyone is equally unique. Its a recipe for a mediocre society. Norway is a country that thinks they can restrict and limit bad behaviour through a set of rules and laws. We love to regulate ourselves in any way we can, it is quite strange and is a form of authoritarian mentality.

Look at the answer from H3st in this thread, he doesn't even address your question on whether or not we are an over the top politcal correct people. He probably thinks it is all a good thing therefore he is in denial and won't address the question. His whole focus is on the people he dislikes, the anti-immigrant people, saying stupid stuff based on completely unveriable claims that we are as anti-women and anti-lgbt as the huge scores of immigrants that are coming in. He doesn't understand rascists in Norway are nothing compared to the level of rascism and prejudice as is apparant in so many cultures outside of the West. People like him refuse to accept that some cultures are worse than others, and that some cultures are in fact better. Because for him and his like, all cultures are the same or are equally evil and bad. Which is wrong, there is nothing to indicate what he believes is true. They believe in this narrative that says we Norwegian deep inside are just as uncivilized as Syrians, and at the same time they despise and look down on Americans. All in all, I would say we are very political correct as a whole, but many of us sees that it only makes spoiled, soft and weak. However, it is still much worse in Sweden. It is a worry though, many Norwegians look to Sweden and wants to become more like them.

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