Do not let them be in vain. Do not forget who’s neglect let this happen. Vote, if not for change, then at least for them.

I never said anything about me.

Sure, I agree that he is, maybe, a wee little better than Trump. But not by much. Not by enough for me to vote for him. He could be, but that's up to him. Telling me he has no pity for the situation that his generation left the younger generations was kind of a big screw up. So was saying he'd veto M4A when recent pollings show, what, like 60-odd% support across the board? And his entitlement to the black vote I also find kind of disgusting. But he can still earn my vote, if he convinces me he will fight for me. But he hasn't yet. Neither has Trump. While I may vote for Biden, I definitely won't vote for Trump. But I won't be vote shamed into voting for Biden. Never. But he can earn my vote. If he wants to.

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