now that character art is allowed again, I'll draw your characters!

Description for Dareth. My beastmaster ranger from my last oneshot (An evil character)(DM let me have a swarm of insects as my companion.

Half wood elf, with copperish skin (easiest comparison is probably native american). Hair is very dark brown, almost black, cut mid length at the back but short and spiky at the front. Messy and uneven, since he cut it himself many times and doesn’t really care how it looks. In his standard garb he prefers to hide his face in a deep hood, and wears a scarf tied around his neck which can be pulled up to mask his nose and mouth. He wears a sleeveless dark leather jerkin, sometimes over a basic long sleeved peasant’s shirt. He has dark leather bracers, with no gloves but with leather wrapping around the palms of his hands. The jerkin comes to a mid-thigh length, and has no visible fastenings at the front, but is instead held with a woven leather belt, tied rather than buckled, and the multiple harnesses which hold his weapons. His trousers are baggy and of a thick but simple cloth, usually in a dark greenish or khaki colour, and are tucked into his mud-caked dark leather boots. His clothes are generally dirty, as is his skin where visible. His skin is rough, but without the excess of scars that might be expected and his height and build are exceedingly average, though his muscles look lean and sinewy. With regard to his weapon harnesses, the outermost one holds a quiver of rough-fletched arrows which protrude over his right shoulder, his bow slung parallel to this with the string across his front. Under that is a second harness, holding sheaths for two long daggers, positioned diagonally such that the handles are under each arm pointing downward, altair style, which he draws with the hand on the same side, so that they are both in the reverse grip. The bow is of gnarled wood, the daggers vicious-looking, and both harnesses consist of a leather strap over each shoulder, sewn together where they cross and then attached with metal studs to an additional thin belt around his waist. At his neck, beneath the scarf and over the shirt where the jerkin pulls apart, can be seen a cord tied to a sprig of charred leaves. Around him buzz a dozen or so large, vicious-looking insects with the appearance of 4 inch long hard-carapaced wasps.

This is the description I did at the time. Don't worry too much about sticking closely to this if you want to make it a little more interesting.

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