Nurse finds out the hard way you should always listen to your patients.

You've never dealt with getting insurance, have you? These aren't people interested in helping you, these are bureaucrats who want to help as little as possible while squeezing the most money out of you. Any refusal to allow blood drawn from where the nurse deemed as the source? That is questioning her bureaucratic authority, and therefore is an absolute refusal of allowing any blood draw.

And if you call up the life insurance? The soulless drone on the phone (if you manage to get past the automated hell) won't listen to you. They will follow their scripted responses.

You know the scene in The Incredibles where the insurance company makes everything as difficult as possible, and Mr. Incredible gives his clients the tips to navigate it? That isn't an exaggeration. The only lie there is there isn't anyone who works there who will tell you the shortcuts.

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