What’s something you did when nobody was around that you wish someone else saw?

I was playing frisbee golf with my little brother. He was young and a par 3 would take him like 15 throws to get it to the chains.

Before we started though there was a practise hole off the parking lot ... it was the first time I took him there so I wanted to give him the Coles notes on the game.

"You throw this frisbee and try to get it in those chain nets.."

I explained... pointed at the net which was as far away as a human could throw... the net was visible but above it was a thicket of growth from the tree canopy lining the area, plus all the long thin tree trunks separating the parking lot from the playing field.... then fired away and tossed it to show him the principle of the game

Wouldn't you know it but this frisbee sailed like a heat sinking missle avoiding any branch, leaf cluster or tree trunk in it's way like it was a glitch in the matrix... Hard right curling left and then boom.... nothing but net. Not only was it my longest toss I've ever mustered but a hole in one in a non existant hole that wouldnt even be a hole because of the absurdity of the obstacles around the basket.

I looked at him ... he looked at me with a blank stare ... all I could say was... "that never happens.."

he looked at his frisbee and drop kicked it like a soccer ball .. it was then I knew my legendary throw would just be in the same category as 40 pound trouts and deer with 60 point antlers.

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