What's your go-to drinking game and how do we play?

i used to make my own. If you're creative and have a little artistic (just a smidge is all you need) you can do it:

  • Pick something you and your friends enjoy (Simpsons, Family Guy, music, video games, etc.).

  • Get a piece of white poster board, some black fine point markers and some colored pencils.

  • Now just draw a about 1.5 inch border around the poster board using a yard stick or something. Make each space about 1.5 inch (think Monopoly board). Then make another one inside that if you want to up the difficulty level.

  • Draw a circle about the size of a coaster in the middle of it (you'll see why).

  • Now pick a box to start at. Right Start. Then make up some spaces. We played he game is played with one die and go around once (trust me, if you do it right it's enough). With two dice you go around too fast and never land on the first spot. Now just make up some spaces and make them related to your "theme".

  • CoD? You used a Noob Tube - Drink 3 for being a pussy.

  • Family Guy? Evil Monkey points at you and asks you to drink 3.

  • Simpsons? Groundskeeper Willie Salute. All Scottish people drink once.

  • Lose a turn, roll again, roll the die and go back that many, point to someone an make them drink, drink if you're wearing pants, social (all drink), drink if you're wearing a hat, make the person to your left drink twice. You can keep going and going. Draw or print out pictures and paste them if you want (you're not marketing this, don't worry about copyright infringement.)

  • Pick something to related to the theme for the circle spot. During the game, you fill that with beer. Have some squares with the same name. If you land on the spot you drink it. Or you have it so you roll an odd number you drink it, odd hand it out.

  • Make the last space an exact roll any way. If you don't get in. Roll both dice and drink that for failing.

  • If you get stuck on some spot ideas, hit me up. I made a dozen or so of these games and have some great ones.

  • All done? Probably not...it takes a lot of time. Now buy a cheap poster frame the size of the poster board. The cheap plastic ones you see at Michaels or AC Moore with the snap on edges. Put your masterpiece in there. Seal it with clear plastic tape. Have fun.

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