Official No Stupid Questions Thread - Summer 2019

Those guitars seem to have gold foil pickups, and if the one you're looking at does then you probably want to avoid it, especially for modern metal. For metal you generally want high output humbucker pickups, as these give you the most suitable tones.

You should be able to find a decent mid-range guitar for $400 used. Check Schecter, LTD, Jackson, Charvel, Ibanez.

I'd also advise getting a fixed bridge to make things easier. Floating bridges can be cool, but tend to be an inconvenience for beginners.

An important thing is that a guitar feels comfortable in your hands, so try a few out - even ones you aren't looking at buying - just to compare how they feel. And looking at your guitar should ideally make you want to play it, so get something that you think looks cool.

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