Official: [Trade] - Wed Evening, 10/03/2018

8 teams. PPR.

I have Rodgers/Goff. Gurley/McCaffrey/Chris Thompson/Ajayi/Aaron Jones. Keenan Allen/JuJu/Brandin Cooks/Fitzgerald/Will Fuller. Jared Cook/Kittle.

I'm 4-0 and a guy that's 1-3 offered me Antonio Brown and Leonard Fournette for McCaffrey. My concern is that if I keep my lineup I can basically cruise to the playoffs (I'm playing a guy that's 0-4 this week and I should beat him pretty handily), so as long as the wheels don't come letter fall off, I should be fine. I'm worried about giving up one of the top PPR RBs for a guy that's barely played, and probably won't be 100% anytime soon. Don't know if that risk is worth getting AB for, because my receivers have done pretty well so far.

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