Oh look, another post comparing Trump to Hitler. These people really want to undermine his atrocities just to make Trump look bad

I’m not blindly accepting anything. I’m saying there is a credible accusation. The only side blindly saying anything is the side saying Bolton is for sure lying, end of discussion.

So, because that was going nowhere I asked question - would you still support Trump if you believed Bolton’s words to be true? And do I get anywhere with that? Of course not.

So, automatically, Bolton is apparently lying. When we remove that from the discussion the question essentially becomes “would you support Trump if he OK’d the camps, if it wasn’t a lie?” and they refuse to answer that one. I would really hope for a firm “no, absolutely not, we would not support that” but nope. Nobody says that. Because that’s not what’s in their hearts.

They would vote for Trump even if they were in the room and heard Trump say it themselves.

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