One of the Most Terrifying Blind Man Incidents I've Encountered

Note: I am neither of the two in this video although I was present that day when this incident occurred.

This happened at my local airsoft field in CQB City (California) last September. In the video you can watch from two different perspectives side-to-side. On the left you can see from the father's viewpoint and the right is the son, the blind man. I must warn you, this is quite frightening to watch.

To give more insight or from my perspective as to what happened it started out with blind man call. At first we couldn't find out who the blind man was so a lot of us assumed it was a false call. Some would continue playing until the music stopped and the owner and referees told everyone to stop and not move. I was scanning around myself looking for the blind man.

That's when I heard a lot of yelling as someone was in distress calling for the need of water. He can also be heard yelling to his dad for help. I found the player in pain laying in the floor by the school bus. There were a couple of players around him and asking if he was okay. I immediately rushed to his aid and yelled at the staff to assist.

The staff urgently aided to the blind man as well as his father. Right away we quickly removed his gear and rushed to get water. He was suffering from heat exhaustion. It was the fourth or fifth game of the day and it was getting really, really hot (around 90+ degrees, perhaps even hotter indoors). Now there were several players such as the blind man that were fully decked out. This may have contributed to his heat exhaustion.

EMTs showed up about five minutes and he was treated and taken away. It was truly a very scary moment as I've seen other blind man incidents firsthand but this one was definitely the most terrifying of them all.

So a reminder for all that enjoy airsoft, please stay hydrated (and I mean drink a lot of water) when playing and remember know your limits. If you start to feel lightheaded, trouble breathing and so forth simply stop and take a rest. If you continue playing with those symptoms then incidents like these will occur to you.

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