Only what Elon Musk personally finds funny is humor.

Elon. A famously funny man, indeed. Let’s get some more of his opinion on things.

Surrounded by sycophants, and insulated by so much wealth and power that he is truly someone I look to when I’m trying to gauge the temperature of what is satirically relevant in society. Major comedy chops, that guy.

“Asshole shows up at newly acquired Twitter HQ holding a sink, because: joke.”

“Let that sink in…”


The stupid look on his face. So proud.

If you’re constantly surrounded by people that are on your payroll, or that are clamoring to get something off of you at all times, I’d wager that your sense of reality is warped in a way that totally obscures your own objectivity, or sense of self-awareness, if it ever existed. Which I’m completely unsure of at this point. I don’t think that self-reflection is a characteristic that comes naturally.

I’m so goddamn tired if this guy.

Sociopaths running the world.

Seems like a prerequisite.

“The onion has become jarringly unfunny” actually sounds like an onion headline.

I’m surprised they haven’t done it yet. Maybe he is un-ironically funny, after all.

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