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Uchi komi is a fundamental training exercise in Judo that involves repeated practice of a technique or series of techniques. Uchi komi is used to develop proper technique, timing, and rhythm, and to build strength and endurance.

To perform uchi komi, follow these steps:

  1. Stand in a basic Judo stance with your feet shoulder-width apart and your weight centered over your feet.

  2. Decide on the technique you want to practice, such as uchimata, seoinage, or o-goshi.

  3. Begin the technique by taking a step forward with your lead foot and executing the initial movement of the throw. For example, for uchimata, you would lift your leg up and over your partner's thigh.

  4. Instead of completing the throw, bring your leg back down to the ground and reset your stance.

  5. Repeat the movement again, starting with your lead foot, and this time lift your other leg up and over your partner's thigh.

  6. Continue practicing the technique by alternating between your left and right legs, and repeating the movement over and over again, until you feel comfortable with the technique and have built up the necessary strength and endurance.

  7. As you practice, focus on maintaining proper posture and balance, and work on perfecting your technique and timing.

Uchi komi can be done with a partner or solo, and can be practiced at various speeds and intensities to suit your level of ability and training goals.

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