Opinion: Democrats are on course to lose in 2022 and 2024. If they do, we may lose our democracy.

The White House hopes to rally the public by passing the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act. But the passage of the infrastructure bill didn’t stop the slide in Biden’s support

Because you don't buy voters like you do congress. We all know there's not that much money just lying around. That money has to be printed... in the middle of insane inflation. Right.

Democrats have control of the entire executive branch and they're barely getting anything done.

The 5ht Circuit court, in an extremely plain-text opinion smashed the vaccine mandate citing pretty much all of the things that people who opposed the mandate for whatever reason from anti-vax to bodily autonomy to free agency stated.

People who voted for him were exclusively in two camps: Not Trump Again and Like Biden. The Not Trump Again camp didn't like him in the first place (or they'd be in the other camp) and are seeing failure after failure and that compounds that they didn't really want Biden in the first place. The Like Biden camp are seeing that things just aren't getting better all the way from the pandemic to inflation to rampant unemployment to a man who fights with stairs and teleprompters. They're not likely to vote for him again either.

And Biden's popularity is abysmally low right now too.

Then there's polls pitting Trump against Biden in 2024 and Trump leads by double digits.

Everyone knows that running Biden again is a losing strategy.

So we have a president that no one really actually likes and a House and Senate that isn't getting much done.

Combine that with a large base of republican voters that are either pure party or love Trump (for whatever reason from thinking he's a savior to just wanting to make democrats writhe in agony) and it's been obvious for a while that democrat politicians are in serious trouble come next election.

I drove in the local Veteran's Day parade. I met some democrats and a lot of republicans. The republicans were a mix of crazy and nice. The crazies mostly kept to themselves but the nice ones were out there, talking to people, trying to get a feel for others, trying to figure out if they were the only ones feeling the way they did. Democrats didn't want to talk much while Republicans were happy to hold conversations about pretty much anything. If you're paying attention right now, that says that democrat voters are largely lacking morale while the republican voters are strongly organized and have more kick. They see what's happening. They've come to the same observations I've just listed here.

This opinion piece is nothing more than stating the obvious that anyone with one eye and half a brain should already be seeing. Democrats are on their way out up to and including the 2024 election.

Add to this that all of the major trials are happening right now. Not just the Rittenhouse trial. I've even seen people already trying to organize "protests". I say it in quotes because we all know that no matter what happens during the day, when night falls the rioters will come out. (If you haven't seen that pattern, you really haven't been paying attention). That creates all the wrong publicity for democrats because the Rittenhouse trial has become a defacto democrats vs republicans proxy fight. And when the democrats are seen as the ones who riot as a result of the verdict, that's just going to eat away are more of the democrat voter base.

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