Orange and an African-American have a discussion

Right? Reddit is so beyond help it's ridiculous, and the worst part is that nobody is even aware of how utterly batshit insane they have become.

I've given up on even attempting to make it make sense lmao. I'm done arguing.

Yep, I'm a Nazi. Uh huh, you got me, I secretly love Trump, and then pretend I actually don't love him, so when I tell you how baffling, obnoxious, and petty it is that he's still being brought up in almost every Reddit comment section to this very day, maybe you'll believe me, and stop making fun of daddy Trump.

Oh, you're right. Just because I have a black friend, doesn't mean I'm not a bigoted racist piece of shit. I would have told you about the entire black half of my family, including step father and sister, but I guess I secretly hate them, they secretly think I'm racist, and a white person shouldn't ever be allowed to disclose that they have BIPOC family members anyways. I guess I didn't think that the Klan might follow me back home from my weekly WP rally.

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