[OT] New images of 'NEXT' car for Verizon IndyCar Series unveiled


Project Cars is a perfectly acceptable arcade experience, but they killed it by trying to sell it as a sim racer. A market that's already niche, and one that's EXTREMELY critical of inaccuracies and expect you to fix them ASAP. The creator behind Project Cars is a shitbag narcissist too. Remember it was originally crowdfunded as the ultimate simulation racer, but he refused to admit there were problems from day one, which REALLY pissed off the simracing community that have certain expectations. Don't even get me started on their ludicrous promise of a Wii U release, and when it inevitably wasn't possible he basically was like "tough luck LOL" and AFAIK there hasn't been any refunds.

Dude constantly rambles about Project Cars being more realistic than any game out there, and any criticisms are without merit or w/e. Ugh. Just because you have a fancy engine that simulate driver farts doesn't excuse shit driving physics. If you approach it like Gran Turismo and Forza, it's fine, but us sim-racing folks wouldn't even put it in our top-10 for realistic simulation racing.

I almost want this game to suck too, just out of spite. I'll definitely wait until after release to even consider getting it.

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