Our boss made us sign this and put it in our file.

My job does this as well. I work for the Department of Agriculture. And I got in trouble for discussing my pay with my sister and my cousin. (We all work at the same place) after going over what the job was and pay and looking over paper work I realized I was getting paid less than them and they had JUST started working. I took this information to payroll clerk because the boss is useless and is never on the campus and he always says "If you have questions go talk to clerk" Well I did and said " I've been here for 4 years why am I getting paid way less than the new hires" . She immediately got a shit attitude and said "You shouldn't be discussing your pay with the new hires , that's how drama starts ". I told her that it wasnt right and they know it. Then the next day we all got called for a meeting the whole workplace and the meeting was for "How wrong it is for us and how illegal it is for us to discuss our pay amongst eachother "

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