Our future looks dark

That's a completely different position than the one in your first comment (we'll fall from a higher place, being poor and underdeveloped is better).

You are talking about excessive use of the internet and, specifically, parasocial activities. And I agree somewhat. It's shocking to see the amount of kids here claiming to be "on the spectrum", afflicted with ADHD, OCD, etc. But we must remember there's a selection bias at work: only a small percentage of kids are here, and the more asocial, the more time they spend here. As the other guy said, we treat mental illness more and better than in the past, and it is also, fortunately, more normalised and spoken about.

I'm diagnosed as Bipolar type II. In the olden times I would certainly be afflicted with this biological disorder. But I might not be here, talking to you. No one is hiding me, no one is keeping me from being here, medication allows me to function better, I have a small pension and facilities to work, when, and if, I have another crisis I will, hopefully, again have access to TEMPORARY and voluntary admission to an excellent public health care facility... All of this could be even better. There is no personal or social advantage in making things harder for us.

Mental illness runs in my mothers family. Her brother, now dead, lived a sad life in semi seclusion, supposedly due to having "hit his head" as a child (he was actually autistic, probably). He worked, very proficiently, btw, in a storehouse, keeping track of materials, for a public company thanks to an enchufe (my grandpa was the manager). Had he not belonged to a well to do family and had an (unfair) enchufe, he might have spent his life in total seclusion. Nowadays, he could have lived an independent life, married... He was a loving uncle and good at taking care of children.

Please don't romanticise "the good ol times" or primitive, dictatorial or underdeveloped societies. Russia, Africa, Latin America, poor countries in Asia... are full of kids and adults "atados a la pata de una cama", just as Spain was not long ago. I've read and thought about this quite a bit (just think about the proverbial aldea gallega in the old times...)

Just to end: good nutrition, good healthcare, early screening and genetic testing help the present AND future generations more than the cruel and often romanticised natural selection and overt or covert eugenics.

End of rant.

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