Patch 2.2 Wiz vs DH

I'm relatively new to the D3 scene but I have an M6 DH and Firebird Wizard (finally got a furnace @ paragon406). It seems to me the DH is easier to gear, easier to play in general and far more effective with a lot less time and work than the wizard. I like the wizard play style better so I play him a lot more but it has taken me like 150+ hours of farming to begin to approach the DPS of the sub-30 hours to gear the DH. Short battles seems to highly favor the DH because burst damage but longer battles seem to favor the wizard as they seem to have an advantage in sustained DPS (so DH good at t6 rifts and wiz good at grifts). I was really excited about 2.2 because it seemed to me like wizards were going to be able to keep up with DHs despite being far more difficult/complicated to manage the stats and gear but now they are already nerfing wiz damage so it is again subpar compared to DH?

Am I missing something inherently powerful about the wizard compared to the DH? With my Wizard's firebird build I feel like I have a lot more survivability so grifts are a bit easier on my wiz than the DH since he's just pure burst damage. I guess I am just kind of starting resent the DH because I worked pretty hard and put a lot of time into the wizard to get him where he is and with almost no effort my DH is equal or superior to the wizard class in a lot of situations and they have silly absurd perks like not even having to pick up there own gold (it's a small thing I know but still, it's like the entitled class gets all the perks). I apologize if this feels like a rant - I'm sure veterans of the community are sick of hearing about it but I just haven't seen much commentary on this and was curious if it was just me but even my friends I play with (we're all noobs) are amazed at how fast we clear rifts when I play the DH. I don't mean to hijack the thread either but Wiz vs DH seemed like an appropriate place to ask the question.

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