Pay gap in Britain between executives and workers 'obscene', says union

It's because of neoliberalism ... in other words, the very ideology of the EU.

It's going to continue happening unless young people — people like yourselves — begin to question the received neoliberal dogma.

You can't just go full communism or suddenly abolish capitalism, so clearly there has to be some nuance to what needs to be done. But the EU is way too capitalist. Only a few years back it was endorsing the economically illiterate policy of austerity. Now, that might be against the standard Remain dogma, whereby the EU bureaucrats are supposed to be highly informed intellectuals. They're really not intellectuals; they're just politicians like our own, and most of them are as neoliberal as Tony Blair.

What really alarms me about Remain is that young people who were on their way to becoming socialists, quickly imbibed a load of implicit neoliberal assumptions.

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