Pedophiles exhibit higher levels of left-handedness than the typical population. Study suggests pedophilia as a developmental sexual preference, rather than learned

OP was talking about shaming and incarcerating people who are sexually attracted to minors, not people who rape minors. You quoted the line and still managed to misinterpret it.

I was giving OP the benefit of the doubt, as no one is incarcerated for simply being sexually attracted to minors. If OP is claiming that people are being incarcerated for not committing a crime, it's his responsibility to provide a source for that claim.

Maybe you could do so, since you seem to be of the same mind on the topic? People incarcerated for solely being sexually attracted to children.

No, and you clearly chose not to read the part wherein I told you otherwise. Read again.

Work on reading comprehension. I explained what was going on there. I can't type any slower.

You're conflating pedophilia, the sexual attraction, with child molestation, the sexual action. These are not the same thing. Pedophilia, by definition, is not "harmful to its object," because there is no object.

You're wrong. I'm not conflating anything. I'll reword it so you can understand:

Pedophilia is a disorder whose expression is harmful to its object, who cannot consent.

Sorry it wasn't clear enough for you.

Given that sexual attraction to minors is a psychiatric disorder (akin to depression or bipolar disorder) and is a developmental sexual preference (akin to homosexuality), should we destigmatize the simple attraction to minors?

You're making several errors in this statement, biased errors intended to conflate pedophilia with disorders whose expression (I have to be very certain to include that when talking to you) perpetrates a crime upon a victim. You see, depression and bipolar disorder do not harm other people in their expression. One might claim that there might be emotional fallout, but the goal of depression or bipolar disorder is not to harm others. Same for homosexuality, whose expression involves sexual activity that may be consensual.

The expression of pedophilic desires may never be consensual, as children cannot consent to sexual activity. Acting out on pedophilia will always have a victim and as such, the desires of pedophilia, which is a desire that harms other people, should carry a stigma.

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