Germanwings plane disaster: German police probe co-pilot. Police says they found evidence that may be a very significant clue to what has happened.

Actually it explains very well. You're a piece of shit if you try to excuse any of his actions. He is a mass murderer. You idiot. Just because he was "feeling sad" doesn't mean he can kill 150 others.

I never tried to excuse his actions. They were abhorrent, no question about it. I just don't think simply calling him a murderer will help us understand what caused the pilot to act the way he did and possibly find ways to minimize the risk of something like this happening again. If you'd rather just vent your anger by being needlessly hostile, then go for it. I just don't see how that helps anyone. And the fact that you describe depression as "feeling sad" (the quotes just make it look more sarcastic) shows that you don't understand mental illness at all.

When I said we need to stop trusting humans completely, I mean we need to stop putting our lives in the hand of a single, other human being. There should always be accountability and more people present.

Obviously there are ways to minimize risks related to human fallibility, but at some point you're just going to have to accept that you are at the mercy of others and trust them not to harm you. Just think how many flights take off and land safely every single day without a pilot crashing the plane into a mountain. This kind of thing is extremely rare and I don't see the need to make yourself crazy with worry because of it. That's not to say that things like the "2 person rule" for cockpits aren't a good idea.

Just saying "horrible things sometimes happen" is shit. It's not good enough and not a single human life should be lost under any circumstances. Of course that is utopic, but we should nontheless push in that direction.

I don't care you think it's shit. It's the truth. You simply cannot stop terrible things from happening. We can try, but you've got to draw the line somewhere between making things safer and not going overboard to prevent extreme fringe cases. America's reaction to 9/11 is a prime example of that gone wrong..

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